Staff Alerta Militante

Registro ISSN: 1852-7167

Registro Propiedad Intelectual: 802764

Director: Matias Diez

Redacción: Lic Florencia Deich, Rodolfo Barragan, Ricardo Fuentes

Fotografía:  Anabella Santagata

Colaboradores: Cristina Palacios, Mariana Pérez, Agustina Gómez

Dirección: Entre Ríos 1654 3° | Tel: 4307-5824 | CABA



3 Responses to Staff Alerta Militante

  1. antonio dice:

    Sres editores le acerco la posibilidad de recibir por este medio cotización para vuestra publicación impresa.Nuestra planta esta en el barrio de Barracas.Si les interesa esta posibildad pueden enviarme un mail detallando medidas,papel ,fecuencia,etc y a la brevedad les reponderé.Desde ya muchas gracias.
    Los saluda Atte Antonio Braun

  2. John Burns dice:

    Sir or Ma’am,

    We are contacting you on behalf of our client Apple iTunes to notify you that your website,, has been compromised and a phishing page has been hidden in one or more of its directories.

    I work with an Internet security company based in Washington State called Internet Identity, and am contracted by our client to assist in mitigating the attacks targeting their customers. Due to the nature of this email, I realize our notification may come across as suspicious, so if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at the contact information below.

    Having placed a fake login page within the file structure of your website, the malicious individual is engaging in credit card fraud and identity theft. We are requesting your assistance in removing the fraudulent files and securing your website to avoid further compromises. Should you require assistance or are otherwise unable to resolve the situation, we recommend you to reach out to your hosting provider for assistance. The files in question can be found at the following location:

    Additionally, we request you sequester any data related to this compromise, which might include phishing kit files, source code, server access logs, data upload or download connections, and records of the account being created. If provided, we will forward the information to our client.

    Again, should you have any questions or concerns, please call our 24/7 Security Team at the phone number listed below. Simply reference the case number and any one of my colleagues will be able to help.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Best regards,

    Security Incident Response Team

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